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    Effective and honest feedback is one that people can give without any fear of retribution. In order to achieve that, Edurio users can not gain access to information about how each individual respondent has answered the survey questions. Respondent identity is protected in the following ways:

    1. Platform results can only be viewed if at least 3 respondents have filled out the survey. The same applies to filtering and observing groups with less than three respondents.
    2. Edurio results contain no references to an individual respondent (no names, surnames or email addresses). You can check out these demo results of teacher survey to see what it looks like.
    3. We disallow observing any tables or graphs or downloading any PDF or excel reports that would contain information that is about just one respondent.

    What can be identified about respondent?
    1. In some cases Edurio has to ensure that each respondent is unique and that a respondent has filled in the survey only once.
    2. Additionally, Edurio provides ability to monitor surveying, so surveyors know whom to ask to fill in the survey, if they have not done it.

    Therefore Edurio gives information about filling in rate and displays which individuals have filled in and which have not, in case of staff member surveys.

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