How we will use your answers to this survey

Who is United Learning? 
Your school is part of a group of schools called United Learning.


Why are we carrying out this survey? 
The aim of this survey is to gain a greater understanding of the experience of being a learner in your school.  Pupils at other schools across United Learning are also taking part.  We will use the information to make sure we are doing a good job of teaching you and to help us to improve how we do this.


What will we do with your answers? 
The survey is being run by a company called Edurio.  Once you have finished the survey, Edurio will give all the answers collected to your school, and this will help them to make decisions and improvements. It is important that your answers are honest – they should say what you really think.  Your teachers will not be able to see who gave which answers unless you say something in an answer that identifies you.  The only time we might need to know who you are is to help keep you safe.  We may need to let your school know if a response you give raises concern about your wellbeing.

A small team of United Learning central office staff will look at your answers alongside answers that your parent/ carer may have given to our parent survey and information that we already hold about you such as:

Your nationality

The language that you use at home

The culture and religion that you share with your family

If you have free or paid school meals

How often you are in school and if you are away a lot of the time

How well you are doing in school and the results of your tests

If you get or need any extra help with things

They will produce reports that will help your teachers understand how to improve teaching at your school.  Any reports that are produced using the survey responses will not identify you.

All staff who have access to the survey data at both United Learning and Edurio have to keep your answers confidential.


Why are we telling you this? 

There is a law called ‘The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)’ that means United Learning can only use your data in ways that you know about.

We are allowed to use your personal data because we are educating you, which means that we are carrying out a task that is in the public interest.


How long do we keep your data? 
We will keep the responses that you provide for 5 years.  This is to enable us to compare the results of this survey with any future surveys.


It is your personal data 
If you think that you need to see the data that United Learning is keeping about you, speak to a teacher or an adult that you know at school.  They will help you to find out what you need to do to see your personal data.


What should you do if you have any questions?  
Please speak to a teacher or an adult that you know at school.